The Inside story on the war against Christianity

When Jordanian Khalid Saad abandoned Islam and became a Christian, his family set out to kill him. But he escaped repeated attempts on his life, held up in prayer by thousands of Christians around the world who learned of his needs through the newsletter of Voice of the Martyrs.

In Saad’s situation, those prayers carried him through an assassination attempt that left 12 bullet holes in his car, several hit-and-run attacks, and an assault by a taxi driver who drove into him, knocked him down, and ran over his arm.

As the battle over the persecution of Christians worldwide rages – estimates are that 200 million Christians around the globe are subject at any time to punishments up to and including death simply for believing – so does the need for information for those who are not yet on the more violent front lines,

That’s where the Voice of the Martyrs newsletter, available through an online signup process, becomes important.

“Because we are so free and so comfortable, a lot of us don’t ask about how it is for Christians in the rest of the world. We’ve never been reminded, don’t think about it, and sad to say in some cases, we don’t care,”

Unlike the popular contemporary concept that the persecution of Christians happened in biblical times and then ended, he said, such attacks now are escalating in dozens of nations around the world.

But before supporters can get involved in the battles over steadfastness in the faith, they have to understand what is developing, Nettleton said.

“One of our purposes is to be a wake-up call to the American church, and say, ‘Here’s what reality is for our spiritual brothers and sisters in restricted nations,'” he said of the newsletter.

The Christian ministry mails out monthly updates, but its instant information channel is through the e-mail notifications, where Christians can learn about the situations that have developed, and then learn what they can do to help.

In America, the persecution often is in the derogatory descriptions used by those who oppose Christianity – “Bible-thumpers,” “right-wingers,” etc. But Nettleton said, that in other nations, Christians simply cannot make the assumption they’ll go to church on Sunday and not worry.

“They aren’t 100 percent certain their pastor will be out of jail on Sunday to preach the sermon,” Nettleton said. “One of the important things that VOM does is call the American church to be aware and to be involved. We can pray for them, and in some cases write a letter to someone in prison. What we want to tell the American church, No. 1, is that this is going on.”

Secondly, he said, involvement is important. “If you don’t know, there’s nothing you can do,” he said. “Then there are two responses. Once you do know, you can say, ‘I don’t like that, that’s awful. I don’t want to hear anymore.'”

“On the other side, when they understand what’s going on, that this is our spiritual family, this is happening to our spiritual brothers and sisters, the overwhelming responses is, ‘What can I do?'” he said.

The ministry has multiple opportunities for involvement. Prayer is the first component, but in actual hands-on categories there are programs to collect coats and ship them to needy people in Russia, special blanket-and-basics “action packs” that are going to Sudan and Pakistan, a program to write letters to Christians in prison, and the organization’s Bibles Unbound program, through which American Christians can send individual copies of the Bible into restricted nations.

It ends up being a circle, he said. Prayer is followed by awareness, which is followed by action, and then a return to prayer.

“When people feel that connection, the result is that you don’t have to be reminded to pray; it comes naturally,” he said.

The newsletter gives the information, he said, that first challenges a person to consider their own beliefs. “Your faith is going to be challenged when you read the stories and see the pictures, and understand what people in restricted nations are going through,” he said. “The natural response is to look inward in your own life, and say, ‘Wow, is my faith strong enough to go through that?'”

“There’s definitely a need for education [about persecution] within the American church, what it means, what it involves, how people are overcoming it,” Nettleton said.

“It is a little hard to grasp for us here in America. We can all understand if someone is killed. We know what that means. But when kids are not allowed to go to school [because they are Christian,] that’s a little more subtle.”

The newsletter also provides information that allows Christians to be educated about the different levels of persecution. In Pakistan, for example, one of the VOM projects involves job training for Christians, because Muslims there often won’t consider employing a Christian.

But he said there are blessings, too, from persecution, and readers also share in that joy. For example, it has happened that a church is raided and closed down, and the congregation breaks up into smaller groups. Many times there will end up being more people attending than when the group met in a building.

“God can use [persecution] to help to grow the church,” Nettleton said. “That’s the layer beneath the surface.”

Voice of the Martyrs is a non-profit, interdenominational ministry working worldwide to help Christians who are persecuted for their faith, and to educate the world about that persecution. Its headquarters are in Bartlesville, Okla., and it has 30 affiliated international offices.

It was launched by the late Richard and Sabina Wurmbrand, who started smuggling Russian Gospels into Russia in 1947, just months before Richard was abducted and imprisoned in Romania where he was tortured for his refusal to recant Christianity.

He eventually was released in 1964 and the next year he testified about the persecution of Christians before the U.S. Senate’s Internal Security Subcommittee, stripping to the waist to show the deep torture wound scars on his body.

The group that later was renamed The Voice of the Martyrs was organized in 1967, when his book, “Tortured for Christ,” was released.



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  1. wordsseldomsaid

    i read that book like three times….

  2. pureinchrist

    Did you like it?… Well I guess you must have to have read it three times. 🙂

  3. wordsseldomsaid

    yes, yes..yes….it is on a shelf in my library right now…

    good article by the way….

  4. jbretmav

    Thanks for this article. I read VOM and think that it is necessary that the church gain a conception of itself as a global body; our identity first has to be the Body, and secondarily whatever nationality we belong to.

  5. pureinchrist

    Thank you. wordsseldomsaid.

    and I agree jbretmav.

  6. wordsseldomsaid

    yes that was beautiful and full of truth…

    may i ask then, would it be safe to say that the church must be politically uninvolved and without political motive in order to achieve and maintain such a conception of itself?…

  7. wordsseldomsaid

    oh….sorry…i must have made a wrong turn and thought i was somewhere else…forgive me…i won’t bother you again..

  8. pureinchrist

    What do you mean?

  9. He died 4 us 2 live

    Great post… I was reading in Jesus Freaks about some of the Martyrs around the world.

    Just think back to the columbine high school shooting of ’99. One of the shooters held a gun to a young girls head and he asked “Do you believe in God?” she said yes and he killed her.

    What we have to do is be prepared for what could possibly come in our lives even if we live in America…

  10. wordsseldomsaid

    “What do you mean?”

    i was refering to the reagan wing, but it vanished…did you remove a post?….

  11. pureinchrist

    Yeah I did by accident and now the system won’t let me fix the problem.

  12. I do have that book and haven’t gotten a newsletter for a long while now. I’ve re-upped~THANK YOU! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  13. pureinchrist

    No problem.

  14. I love reading and praying for those in the mission field around the world. I love the updates VOM gives by e-mail.
    I just came back from Europe and how dark it is out there. There are many churches out in Europe but very few believers.
    I am currently reading Foxes Book of Martrys.

  15. pureinchrist

    Thats a great book.

  16. And I vividly remember the Palestinian colleague in these United States whose family fled the country in the face of death threats. From “Christians” who did not realize that my colleague was not Muslim.

    Q (Luke) 6: 41-42

  17. barryweber

    If the various indigenous peoples of the world would have been able to do a newsletter like VOM over the last
    four centuries, the world could not contain the number of pages in it. The exploitation, genocide, disease, and colonialist cheerleading perpetuated by institutional Christianity has wreaked havoc on earth. Even today, thank God, some South American countries have had to make illegal the encroachment of missionaries and developers into indigenousness areas, for the Indians protection!

    The problem, then and now, is religion. Even “Christians” follow religion, rather than Jesus. Jesus, who touched lepers, demoniacs, and gentiles with no requirement that they jump through any religious hoops, has been turned into a Euro-American scout for the exploiters of forests, minerals, and people. People of the world have learned, by experience, to be afraid of Christians. We are reaping the bounty of our over-zealous, profit-driven legacy..

  18. Thank for this article. really enjoy readin it!

  19. pureinchrist

    Your welcome. :p

  20. God Bless you for the information about VOM

  21. Ric

    My my. For hundreds of years Christians in their arrogance have judged, hated, tortured, and killed people who disagreed with their bloody-minded religion, and when the tables turn, oh, well, let’s whine about it, let’s bitch about what victims we are, blah blah blah.

    If you’re going to parade your arrogance and pridefulness around the world, you’d best be prepared to get your butts kicked. The first thing Christians forget is “Do unto others…” So you sure as hell have no grounds to complain when they do it back to you.

  22. To Barryweber:

    Excuse me, not an Euro-American scout, just an American WASP one: we Europeans, read comments above (“I just came back from Europe and how dark it is out there. There are many churches out in Europe but very few believers.”), are submerged in the darkness, marked as heathens to be awakened to the true light of Jesus, and of course, how could the Church of England or the Swedish Lutherans, and much less the Roman Catholics be considered Christians? No, they’re counted only for statistical purposes in the USA, then reached as ungodly, astray souls.

  23. There isn’t a “war” on Christianity. The persecution of Christians isn’t even an unusual thing. Every religion has to deal with people who hate it. I know Christians (albeit not very good ones) who have no problem spitting at Muslims and applaud their deaths. And Jews…well, they’ve been persecuted a lot longer than Christianity has even been in existence.

    I’m not saying persecution based on religion is a good thing, but claiming that there’s an all-out war against Christianity is taking it a bit too far and denies that other religions have similar problems.

  24. pureinchrist

    Ric, if you keep cussing I’m going to remove your comments.

  25. pureinchrist

    Over 200,000 Christians were martyred last year… that is a lot, and It is just getting worse.

  26. Jaime


    International governments don’t kill Christians because they are prideful. They kill them because they are trying to keep control over their people and Christianity is a threat to total control.

    For whatever ways the gospel has been abused, even Christian enemies recognize that it stands for the inpenetrability of private belief, an absolute moral order, the dignity of the individual, the worth of “unfit” peoples, the freedom to obey one’s conscience, and the supernatural peace that comes from God alone (rather than obedience to the state). These types of things are reprehensible to totalitarian regimes.

    Whether they want racial control, ethnic control, religious control, or some other type, geopolitical tyrants know Christianity must be axed before they can assert their wills over their people. This is why Rome, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, radical Islamic leaders, and many others have always purged Christians first.

    If you think those leaders have not been “arrogant and prideful” but Christians have been, you need to examine yourself carefully.

  27. fisheye

    dont you just hate the sentiment of “my god is better than your god”? how will you feel if you die and there’s nothing afterwards? what a damn waste of your only chance on earth, spending it in servitude to an imaginary deity.

    interesting article though, even from the perspective of a heathen.

  28. pureinchristWell

    Fisheye, you can sin all you want on this earth and end up in hell. Because I know there is a God, His name is Jesus Christ, He died for my sins so that if I except Him I will go to Heaven.

    I like how you said, “how will you feel if you die and there’s nothing afterwards? ” … what if there is how will you feel if your burning in hell? when God send His only begotten Son to DIE for us to live. John 3:16

    P.S… Is it worth living a life full of sin for 100 years max then dieing and Burning in hell? Or living 100 years of Obedience to God’s word KNOWING you have been faithful when you die and end up in Heaven living for eternity in the Saviors arms. In Heaven there is no pine, suffering, Rejection, or any of that stuff…

  29. pureinchrist

    FINAL WARNING!!! If anyone cusses again I will delete your post.

    Thank you,
    Cody H.

  30. You really don’t want to mess with a Christian because you see that man Isaiah is verified by history to be deadly accurate and Jesus quoted him on hell.

  31. wordsseldomsaid

    ‘Because I know there is a God, His name is Jesus Christ, He died for my sins so that if I except Him I will go to Heaven.’

    amen and amen…

    200,000 last year huh?…they are beautiful…all 200,000 of them…

  32. “Because I know there is a God, His name is Jesus Christ”

    I thought Jesus was God’s son, not God himself.

  33. pureinchrist

    Yeah He is Gods Son… But there is the God Head.

  34. isaiah30v8

    I decided to see if Jesus Christ, Satan and the Bible was true using a scientific approach and the Internet. What I found convinced me. I am now a Christian. I wrote about my research methods and the very profound findings in an article called “Armchair Archeology”. Evem if you are a devout Christian it still may bolster your faith: Here is the link:

  35. pureinchrist

    Thats awesome man! I’m Glad to hear that. 🙂

  36. The Reformed Faith Weblog

    Great post. Interesting conversation…

    I have heard more pastors from other countries comment on how blessed and spoiled we are here in America. They often say if we had to go through what they do in other countries we might not be quite so complacent and lukewarm. Hmmm…

    I read Jesus Freak in one evening – it had me blubbering the whole time and I must have gone through two boxes of tissue paper. Anyway, I just happened on this and wanted to comment.

    Blessings in Him – RF

  37. raj

    I am glad that nothing like that ever happens here in India at least, here, everyone is free to follow his/her own religion including Christians & Muslims……………..

  38. joshuasthoughts

    Great article. Definitely a lot of ideas flowing through here. I will add a little to the mix.
    November the eleventh is the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. You can learn more about it at
    It is an opportunity to support through prayer as discussed here.

  39. nearlynormalized

    let it go–the power of BS–man made!!!

  40. tookshire

    Found you through WordPress’ front page. Enjoyed the read. We are using VOM as reading material for our homeschool studies.

  41. 200,000…..

    I would really love to see some backup of those figures.

  42. The Reformed Faith Weblog

    Actually the number 200,000 is an estimate (as are many numbers when trying to collect statistics for anything on a worldwide scale) and the actual estimate is closer to 171,000… but one is too many.

  43. trzupek

    Nice post. Persecution based on belief is reprehensible in any form, but many people are not aware that kind of persecution extends to Christians as well. Having spent some time in Saudi Arabia, I was amazed and appalled by the degree to which non-Muslim faiths are suppressed and harassed – and that’s a rather mild example.

    And to those who comment that Christians “have it coming” for past sins, the fact is that the worst killers, by far, in history – Hitler, Mao and Stalin – had no faith. That doesn’t excuse the mistakes of any religion, but secularism is responsible for far more carnage in history than any system of belief.

  44. nomremy

    Hitler was “secular”? I’m sure you believe that. But, I believe you’re engaging in some self-deception. Further, you lower your guard and risk promoting/voting other intolerant religious nuts/movements into positions of power.

    Regarding Hitler as a “man of faith”, see:

    The German people were certainly “Christian”, too. The whole time.

    So, you’re going to have to think of some way to identify dangerous people in your “system of belief”. Merely re-categorizing bad people after-the-fact is not “learning from history”.

  45. trzupek

    Sorry Charlie (aka: nomremy) — selectively using bits of history ain’t history. I know you won’t be dissuaded my friend, but for the benefit of the rest of you (assuming that you have a time on your hands…) here’s the scoopage:

    Hitler was, above all, an opportunistic liar. He painted himself as a capitalist, to industrialists like Krupp and Thysen, so that he could get their support and cash. He said that the German military tradition was dear to him, so that the military aristocracy would not oppose him. And, in the same vein, he posed as a devout Christian, in order to win the support of a Christian nation. The latter posturing is the origin of the quotes that our other correspondent selectively refers to.

    The thread that ties all of these (and many other) themes together is that ‘Dolf-Baby abandoned the lies as soon as they were no longer useful to him. He nationalized industry, he took over the military and he created a secular abomination called the “National Socialist Church”, and he did so as soon as he calculated that the lies were no longer necessary. Christians and Jews alike were routinely persecuted in the Third Reich, in the name of a Nazi, secular heaven. I would encourage those who are curious to explore the story of Pastor Martin Niemoller — his is a particularly instructive, and inspiring, piece of history that speaks to the point far better than I could ever speak to the point.

    In their zeal to defend their theories, those people who despise religion will undoubtedly continue to try to grasp at every straw. Since Hitler was born Catholic, and tried to deceive Christians – he is proof that Christianity is evil. So there!

    The fact that Uncle Adolf closed churches, declared his own – secular – church the state “religion”, and violated, oh – like 12 of the 10 commandments every day – doesn’t really matter in this scheme of logic. All that matters is what you want to prove. Who needs to evaluate the entire body of evidence anyway?

    I’m only surprised that no one has yet brought up the fact that Josef Stalin attended a seminary as a teen. That surely shows that every seminary is den of iniquity and that every teen is evil, doesn’t it?

    (Come to think of it, as the parent of a teen-ager, I may have to go along with that…)



  46. trzupek

    NEWS FLASH – This just in: historians say “Hitler was a liar”.

    Not to pick a nit, but Uncle Adolf solemnly declared that he was devoted to freedom, capitalism, peace on earth and good will toward man, as the occasion suited him. A quick review of history shows that he wasn’t exactly devoted to any of these ideas. In the same vein, he appealed to Christians for a time, even though he didn’t have a Christian – or even religous – bone in his twisted body. The story of Pastor Niemoller is particularly instructive, for those who might wish to learn a little about Hitler’s real views regarding the church.

    The fact is that, once he was firmly entrenched in power, Hitler established the National Socialist Church and declared it the official state “religion”. And what did the National Socialist Church worship? Why, Adolf Hitler of course. He gleefully persecuted Christians of all sorts who dared oppose him and spent his days consulting astrologers and rationalizing murder “for the good of the state”. He was, in other words, an entirely secular ruler.

    Attempting to say that Hitler was a Christian, because he did his best to dupe Christians, is the equivalent of saying that Bill Clinton had to be a faithful husband, because he happened to take a wedding vow at some point.



  47. Ben

    In reference to Cody’s quote above: “Every religion has to deal with people who hate it. I know Christians (albeit not very good ones) who have no problem spitting at Muslims and applaud their deaths. And Jews…well, they’ve been persecuted a lot longer than Christianity has even been in existence.”

    I think this statement is right on. The focus shouldn’t be on removing the persecution of Christians around the globe, it should be on elimination persecution for EVERYONE, regardless of faith.

  48. Lee

    A highly intresting article here, well written, a very good read.

  49. Hey here’s an example of christians killing/persecuting others : Iraq. 16 years on since sing Bush Sr started a systematic campaign of extermination of a whole people. The sanctions in the 90s alone had killed about a million children,
    The reason for this genocide? WMDs. Not a single one was found in Saddam’s arsenel. These children died for nothing. Millions of Iraqi fanilies died because Bush et al wanted control of oil.

    Now Bush Jr is carrying on the tradition. And guess what – these guys are not the regular christain just in name – they are devout.

    This posting about Christians getting persected is nothing but disingenuous because it totally ignores the fact that persecution and genocidal tendencies has got no place in religion. It is in the interests, if not a moral duty, of Christians to stop all peoples who are being persecuted because the secular world politacal establishment will turn their attention towards christians when they run out of cannon fodder when there are no other peopel of religion to kill. The silence of the church and by extension the pope in matters that does not adversely affect christians will surely come and haunt him. Alas he has done nothing to alleviate the pain felt by millions and millions of persected peoples

  50. destinysweet

    Tortured for Christ and the other books Richard wrote..I know there were a few that I got to read,so many years ago,helped prepare me for some of the things I have suffered as not all torture is physical. We are all one in Him,when one suffers we all suffer..when one triumphs ,all who are of like mind/heart/spirit triumph! When we hear/read the word of those who have suffered for the kingdom sake…the word of their testimony and are able to recieve it…it becomes our strength as well…this is what I have experianced in studying the biologies/testimonies of great men and women of God…my heart would leap within me and I’d believe..later, it seemed, when facing something unknown and /or dangerous these stories and the pictures I saw in my spirit while reading,would pop-up along with something from scripture as an encouraging confirmation to step out in faith or to go on, that I’d make it through,that God would move miraculously to save heal and protect or whatever the need of the moment might require.I have long believed that these fine books and those like The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom should be given to the youth to give them a more balanced idea of how God’s people are able to overcome all types of suffering. These stories made me want to be able to endure untill the end, come what may. These authors became my only friends when others could not understand why I would risk all to follow the voice of my Shepherd. The more we feed our spirit,the more becomes deposited,and is available when we need it. thanks for reminding me of the title of Richard’s book… God has been bringing him and his wife to my heart alot lately…it has been a while since I knew of their health…and if they had passed through the veil or not…I feel aliitle bit strange asking but could someone tell me what the latest news is on these fine saints?

  51. Hello, my name is Ditrich, I like yours blog, i with pleasure shall support a theme.

  52. I don’t know how I happened upon your blogsite, but I was blown away to read the words, “Voice of the Martyrs”. I used to get that newsletter (and more) so many, many years ago. By now I would’ve thought that they were gone. But no! It has survived all the changes of many decades and is alive and thriving on the Internet! Alleluia!!! oh…. and thank you for writing this post.

  53. valsat

    How true. It is the inside story. A week ago I met a missionary from UK who has been living in north India with her Indian husband for the past 30 yrs. Quite recently her husband died of internal bleeding following surgery. It was later discovered that the hospital belonged to a group of extremists. In this case her inner peace was that the Lord had revealed to her an approximate time of her husband’s death.

    Thank you for ‘The Inside Story’

  54. Rhapsody Singer

    I agree with the post above:

    I am not a Chritian but am afraid that with the fall of Christianity my own faith will be vanquished. Christ did say, I think I have read it somewhere, that thosewho are not against Him are for Him.
    I have covered sometime ago this threat vis a vis Islamic clerics’ letter to the Pope:

    Also you can check up my site of prayer, where I am rying prsevre the timeless civilized quest for God. I cover St. Bruno to the Upanishads etc.

    Thanks, we need to debate these issues now. When good men do nothing rvil arises…

  55. leakyfaucet

    I have a very hard time feeling sorry for ‘persecuted’ Christians when I read articles like this one:

    And while I’m sure many Christians live their lives in a meaningful ‘treat others how you want to be treated’ way I don’t see that very often. I am appalled at the way people think praying is the best way they can solve problems, and would like to see them throw in some cash to these poor martyrs instead.
    Instead of focusing on the ‘my god is better than your god’ like fisheye says, I think Chrisians and other major religions, and everyone for that matter, needs to stop quoting their holy texts and look around to realize that we are all human beings, and no religion is better than another. Instead of praying to your God, we should reach out and physically help others of all religions. People are all the same, and all equal, and continuing to sort people into categories and levels of worth using religion we’re only creating more hatred and NOT doing what Jesus did (if you want to look at it that way).
    Stop whining about Christians not being able to go to church in other countries and look around at people of all religions not having food, shelter, education, etc. I don’t feel sorry for a persecuted religion that is also guilty of persecuting others. Christians are doing to Muslims, for example, the same thing you’re saying is being done to Christians. Many wrongs don’t make a right.

  56. rhapsodysinger


    You have missed the point entirely:

    All the great religious texts in the world help us to fight off selfishness, unkindness and indifference. They are needed to direct us in the right way.

    To see whether I am speaking the truth, see

    There all the different holy folks of so many religions speak the same truth. Love of man for God is unseen. He who hates others can never love God.

    But with religion is the idea of ethnic identity. Read Roots by Alex Hailey.

  57. sueorkin

    The book sounds interesting.

    – Sue Orkin

  58. Barakutei Yanaouko ah Baguanamey

    “DO AS YOU WOULD BE DONE BY” Is the Devine Law which is ignored by christens. Hence the mass murder of 286 Million Natives all over the world. I am what remains of those victims of christenity. We were the first Native People who encountered lost at sea columbo. We even have 2 Holy days to remember it by: the last day of heavenly life in our Islands and the Day of BITTERNESS. So now I get to see the down fall of the vatican in the future. Oh! I almost left out that a cat-toe-lick prist rape my son when he was 11. His stupid as_ mother stole him away from me and had him bapticed as a cat-toe-lick. And you wonder way christens are hated all over the world. Its not because they or you are christens, but what christens do in the name of god, that has created a hated of you. I dont know how hate it is not a part of our culture or langauge. Look at bush, he read the hole-lie-bibble everyday and then has his military murder the people of the mid east countries to steal their oil and then raise the price of oil to $100 a barrel. Such good christens and he is the prime example. And one more thing: How does paying $100.00 insure a christen of an office job in heaven?. I ask this because I know of a cat-toe-lick church what the prist charges $100.00 for an office job in heaven.

  59. Really makes us realize our freedom. WOW!

    Thats why it is so important to honor our troops and veterans because those people have given us that freedom! Thank you to all who have served to give the US religious freedom.

  60. Wait. So Christianity is about love?

    “Fisheye, you can sin all you want on this earth and end up in hell. Because I know there is a God, His name is Jesus Christ, He died for my sins so that if I except Him I will go to Heaven.

    I like how you said, “how will you feel if you die and there’s nothing afterwards? ” … what if there is how will you feel if your burning in hell? when God send His only begotten Son to DIE for us to live. John 3:16 ”

    Sounds like a religion of ‘holier-than-thou-art’ vengeance to me.

  61. pureinchrist

    Well sorry it sounds that way… But Jesus Christ is my savior.

  62. Thankfully, and in credit to your religion, most Christians would denounce that sort of speech.

  63. endriadi

    I’m an Indonesian, and i’m a christian too.
    I think your post is nice enough.

    In Indonesia, churches suffered many pressure from some anarchic mass organization claimed from a religion (biggest in indonesia, you know what i mean)

    But, i never consider it as a war.
    It’s really hard when you’re kicked out from your peers or your worship time was disturbed by others.
    But once again, i never consider it as a war.

    Many churches closed
    People forced to leave christianity
    But once again…
    i never consider it as a war.

    I’ll call it a test.
    I know…
    in indonesia we can find two kind of people called christian.
    1. So called christian. they even don’t know that Christ died for them
    2. A Christian, who knows their GOD, their Saviour.
    The second one was really small in number.
    For the first one was so many.
    Usually, the first will instantly leaved their faith only for dating someone from other religion. They’re so cheap on their faith.
    They just humiliate Christianity with their life.
    But, i still pray for them.

    I never tell anyone that Christianity is the best religion ever. I even never call Christianity as a religion.
    It’s a matter of FAITH.
    But faith is nothing without action.

    I don’t know english word for:
    “iman tanpa perbuatan adalah mati”
    but, i believe one things:
    GOD is always with us.

    For the last:
    God give sunshine to everyone
    God save someone on HIS own
    God call someone we never can guess

    We can’t judge anything in this world
    Just leave it to God…

    Even you call it “a war”
    Please, don’t ever leave what you call Faith in Christ
    Don’t stop loving others even they’re hating you
    Don’t stop giving others even they’re trying to take everything from you
    Don’t stop hoping on God.
    For everything will end in no time.
    We don’t know when we’ll die
    We don’t know when the end of the world will come.
    It’s a matter of God’s Sovereignity.

    God Bless Us.

    War never end without love.

    (I’m having a problem with english, i’m sorry for grammar and vocabulary mistakes.)

  64. Nice reply leakyfaucet

    About the article; “estimates are that 200 million Christians around the globe are subject at any time to punishments up to and including death simply for believing”.

    Any Source? And please, not a Christian one. How about one without a conflict of interest. Like AP, or something. Otherwise, these estimates are just some random numbers.

    Hypertexting the document, and not providing proof for any other claims is….well then we’ve got to take your word on faith right? OH, thats right, its a Christian blog, you take everything on faith right?

    You have enough time to write that whole thing, and not provide the links to the things someone would need to see how correct your facts are. Let me spend just one minute…

    Voice of the Martyrs gets a 4/4 star rating for charity work, based on expenses at

    VotM’s runs a well known website that looks at the falsely accused at

    Or you could have provided a link to the 127 recent news stories ABOUT the VotM’s through the Google news thing, and any number of others, without going through their own site, which of course will propagandize itself. Outside sources, get it?

    Oh and that 200 number you mention, I found out where you got it, it comes FROM the VotM’s newsletter. Which I can’t seem to find at any point where they provide evidence for their big claims.

    Some of those claims here (see another link! this is what it looks like, sources!)

    If there is evidince for these staticstics your both shouting, you should have provided that. Not five hundred words on how great they are.

    The humanizing opening, you can do better then that. And generally your suppose to close the article with closing the humanizing story you open with. That or another. Unless its a technical peice (which this is not). Brings closure, and involves the reader.

    This blog is called Christian News Bulletin? Why? Your suppose to provide news, not just propaganda pieces for some charity you get emails from. If you like it REPORT on it, don’t just quote it.

    Cheap article, cheap facts.

  65. Ah, you’ve got the moderator comment function on, huh?

    “Awaiting Moderation”

    Well either way you’ll read my comment. And I’ll drop it on my blog, just in case. I’m interested to see if you approve it since its not about the subject, but about your reporting.

    What will you do?

  66. Hi,
    This is not very relevant to your post… please excuse. I’m trying to figure out quickly how to allow email addresses to be as you have it here… included, but not posted to the comment. I’ve had people complain about that. thanks.

  67. It would appear to me that the persecution of Christians is more evident in the world many bloggers regard as the “free world”. More evident to me is the war on other faiths by zealots who believe they have sole jurisdiction on freedom. One only has to see the death rate in the wars in Iraq Palestine to realize this simple truth. The freedoms promised to those in the west are not freedoms, but blank cheques to those who wish to wantonly terrorize, kill and mame, all in the name of the only and only living God.

  68. Bad

    This part doesn’t fly: “In America, the persecution often is in the derogatory descriptions used by those who oppose Christianity…”

    In any way comparing things in America to what religious minorities or Christians in totalitarian societies face overseas is almost insulting.

    If you call getting criticized by other people’s free speech “persecution” then I guess just about everyone in America is “persecuted.” But I don’t think Christians in Pakistan will have much sympathy for such trumped up trials and tribulations.

  69. LP

    “Persecution” is not the right word to use when describing the bullying by the media and pop culture against the Christian culture. However, there is clearly a bias led by some sort of agenda (many of the components of Christian living are not in line with consumerist ideology). I think the message of these stories is that Christians living in free societies should be even *better* Christians as they often do not have to fear imprisonment or assassination.

  70. Peace is preferable. But then again conflict, like anything in life has positives and negatives, and can bring tremendous progress and all the more better if nobody is dying in any given war.

  71. Whether George Bush is devout or not…only he and God knows.

    And I think he cusses.

  72. 1alberich1

    A war against Christianity? I’m against it. What I am not against -indeed what I’m fervently hoping for- is a bloodless war against all religion. We don’t need a God, hellfire, paradise, Jesus’ love and the promise of eternal life to treat each other with respect in this one and only life we have. Religion does not -repeat: NOT- make us better people by divine diktat.We should find it in ourselves to behave loyally towards our own species and not fight each other hammer and tongs. I’m an atheist and although I cannot say I love every one of my fellow men I am determined to accord them respect and sympathy. It’s as a species that we have become nature’s outcasts, by not hanging together. The animal world must be watching us with pity, if not contempt.

  73. I know this has been said, and as a Jewish daughter of Holocaust survivors my heart goes out to any victim of persecution;
    That said however, it strikes me as interesting at the least to claim that there is an ongoing “war on Christianity” when this is the most accepted religion at least in the West, and in the most (note the quotes here) “developed” nations, persecution of other religions (sometimes we call them races too) – well, that’s just every day, it’s even alright. Our (American and Western European) persecution of Muslims has escalated almost to the point of outright communal violence – with this erupting in some instances. So I ask how those who find themselves within the majority in the countries perpetrating this type of hate can consider themselves warred-against while entire swathes of the population are victims of outright violence not abroad, but here in our own neighborhoods and streets and we – the majority – even if we do not condone it outright – by not clearly rejecting it are guilty of it.

  74. Paul Salahuddin Armstrong

    I’m always sad to hear about the persecution of anyone due to their religious convictions. However, I must stress that Islam does not teach persecution of Christians. Where this occurs it is due to ignorance on the part of those who persecute, and radicalisation of Muslims.

    The Al Saud family made a pact with a crazy religious extremist, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahab. When Saudi Arabia gained its nationhood the Saudi King made Wahabism the official religion of the new country. Since then the Saudis have been rigorously promoting this perversion of Islam. Through their oil wealth, they have influenced how Islam is practiced in other countries, and have desecrated Muslim sacred sites, and graves which don’t fit their narrow minded view of religion.

    Muslims too have suffered in those countries which have adopted Wahabi doctrines. Wahabis and their spin-offs declare anyone who doesn’t swallow their extreme doctrines as “kafirs” (infidels), even if they are other Muslims. They believe only they are right and everyone else will go to hell.

    Wahabism isn’t traditional Islamic teaching. Christians and Jews are called the “Ahl al- Kitâb” (People Of The Book) in the Holy Qur’an. Muslims are taught to come to common terms with Christians and Jews:

    “Say:’O People Of The Book! Let us rally to a common formula to be binding on both us and you: That we worship none but God; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not, from among ourselves, Lords and patrons other than God.'” (Qur’an 3:64).

    We should work together for the common good. Also the Qur’an teaches us to respect Jewish and Christian places of worship which are protected by God.

    “…if God had not driven some people back by means of others, monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, where God’s name is mentioned much, would have been pulled down and destroyed. God will certainly help those who help Him – God is All-Strong, Almighty” (Qur’an 22:40)

    There have been throughout history, and even today Muslims who work with people of other faiths and certainly wish them no harm. Tolerance, understanding and co-operation are integral parts of traditional Islamic teachings and practices all over the world.

    In view of this, please don’t regard Muslims as being anti-Christian. We are not, and anyone who mistreats Christians or Jews is not following Islam, rather they are trouble for us Muslims too.

  75. hello…. I’m Indonesian,,, How are You

  76. Ever since the first Man bit the forbidden fruit has evil ways of the serpent been evident on the planet.. All people get tempted but those who choose dark wicked ways have shown how filthy they are since the begining of time. Those of the Agape light way should pray and give support to our persecuted brothers and sisters. America is a sleeping giant,with to many here are spoiled rotten. More of the Church needs to stand up and become lanterns in this dark world. The last great battle is eminent and only those of the Way,Truth and Light will be standing triumphantly.

  77. Kagollota

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

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