Protesters break into U.S. embassy in Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia – Protesters broke into the U.S. embassy in Belgrade on Thursday and set fires, cheered on by crowds outside rallying against U.S. support for Kosovo’s independence.

Doors were ripped off, set on fire and wedged in the embassy windows. Black smoke billowed from the building. Papers and chairs were thrown out of the windows.

One protester climbed up to the first floor, ripped the U.S. flag off its pole and briefly put up a Serbian flag in its place.

Some protesters jumped up and down on the embassy balcony, holding up a Serbian flag as the crowd below of about 1,000 people cheered them on, shouting “Serbia, Serbia”.

The embassy had been closed in anticipation of the demonstration. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said the only staff there were security personnel and Marine guards. He said Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had been briefed. She was en route to the United States with President Bush after an six-day trip to Africa.

McCormick said the United States had asked the Serbian government to help protect U.S. diplomatic facilities.

Police had not been protecting the building, but riot police intervened after the attack began, firing tear gas and driving armored trucks down the street to clear the crowd.

The storming of the building came during a state-backed rally to protest at Kosovo’s secession on Sunday attended by some 200,000 people, which was otherwise peaceful.

The rioters were mainly young men, some of whom wore balaclavas and scarves to hide their faces. They had attacked the building with sticks and metal bars and destroyed two guard boxes outside.

Protesters ripped some metal grilles from the embassy windows and also tore a handrail off the building’s entrance and used it as a battering ram against the main door.

The neighboring Croatian Embassy also was attacked.

More than a dozen nations have recognized Kosovo’s declaration of independence on Sunday, including the United States, Britain, France and Germany.

There has been unrest in Kosovo since the independence declaration. Hundreds of Serbs have launched attacks on border outposts, prompting NATO to reinforce the northern Serb-dominated part of Kosovo and take control of the borders.

The violence has sparked fears of sustained violence, with Serbian officials saying the attacks were in line with its attempt to contest Kosovo’s secession.

Ethnic Albanian separatists fought a 1998-99 war with Serbian forces, and an estimated 10,000 people were killed.

In areas of Kosovo where Serbs live surrounded by majority ethnic Albanians, Serb leaders urged Serbia’s government to tone down statements or risk endangering lives.

“Serbs from the north have brought other Serbs in Kosovo in a position to fear for their children and their lives, which is a very painful feeling — the fear of what your own people might do,” Kosovo Serb leader Rada Trajkovic was quoted Thursday as saying by the independent Serbian news agency FoNet.






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14 responses to “Protesters break into U.S. embassy in Serbia

  1. Dusan WI

    If Kosovo has right to declare independence I do not see the reason that Serbs on north of Kosovo and Bosnian Serb do the same. How menu brutal systems is imposed on minorities in the world. Sadam for example toward Shi’ite and Kurds in the past or Israel toward Palestinians today. Do they deserve independence? That will never happen because dally politics, not international law are important (biggest problem of US foreign policy). Not respecting international law, only force unfortunate is well accepted massage in Belgrade.

  2. Amica

    Bosnian Serbs have no right to the secession because they commited agression against the Bosnia in 1990s.Also, they killed and attacked thousands of Albanians in 1999. Albanians have been repressed for decades in the old Yugoslavia until the final straw for them was the taking away of the autonomy by Milosevic.
    Bosnian Serbs signed Dayton Agreement in 1995, where they agreed that their entity in Bosnia does not have a right to secession under the Bosnian constitution.
    Serbia and Kosovo have no such agreement.
    Bosnia and Kosovo are two different problems.

  3. Fisi

    This is the way serbs know and understand DEMOCRACY.
    Well our dear “brothers”, looks like this type of democracy is born in former cccr, todays rusia.
    This is another reason WHY WE ARE SO DIFFERENT.
    We are civilized and want to build our NEW BORN COUNTRY REPUBLIC OF KOSOVO in the way USA is, and in the way EU is.
    Shame on you, and you are talking about serbs as civilized and democratic.
    Well no wonder that Vuk Draskovic has books in which he says that serbs are bornd to fight every 50 years, same with Cubrilovic, he has books and books that explain how to assimilate and extraminate one nation – ALBANIANS- which is based upon Stalin ideology.
    One question I have is, If you dont have who to assimilate and extraocdinate, are you going to do that to yourself?
    I wish you have all force on that, be my guest, I would never like my “neighbor” to be this bed, uncivilized, I think you serbian nation should be reborn, with clean DEMOCRACY undermind, but I truly belive that you are never going to do that.
    It is wrong to spread lies in media, you have to stop doing that, the World knows the truth, that is: “wherever lives the serb there is serbia”, well that is wrong ideology, and that is so based on Stalin / Cubrilovic ideology in order to assimilate one Nation (Albanians).
    Well I hope and think that you are not going to succced and this is the end, and as Architect Bogdan Bogdanovic said, the way you started, you are going to become :-BEOGRADSKI PASALUK-!

  4. pca

    How can albanians claim they are innocent?. Explain why they burned christian churches/monasteries and killed innocent monks in the act of terror. Albanians are the biggest liars; they claimed millions of men massacred by the Serbs, but the truth was they were cowards hiding in the mountains letting their women and children exposed to the elements to die. They were given freedom by the Serbs to practice their fanatic muslim religion only to persecute their neighboring Serbs leading to the Serb army going into Kosovo to protect the Serbs. The U.S. has always been on the side of JUSTICE and Christian values until now and now takes the side of terrorists who look to start another world war. I ask you Americans if you’re willing to send your children to war and death over these fanatic muslim terrorists who already have a country of Albania they can go to if they wish to live their lives in a fanatic manner? Bush put himself into a corner with Russia declaring use of force if Albanians go against the U.N. laws. Will you allow Bush to start a war against Russia over kosovo which is as small as Orange county and has a population less than some of our small cities in the U.S.?

  5. Fisi

    why do you need serbian army where one serb lives?

    Think “my friend”!

  6. Fisi

    When I read something like this, it make me think, do the serbs know the truth?
    Does their goverment and their religions teaches them with lies?

    To me they are same as Talibanies, and those terorists in middle east.

    They really do not understand the truth, the truth about life, prosperity, democracy.

    It seams like cancer that needs curre.
    It seams like lie that needs the truth.

    I think serbian goverment and their orthodox church is teaching their people with lies!

    SAME AS THOSE TERORISTS IN MIDDLE EAST, they do not understand civilization, democracy, prosperity, LIFE TO LIVE!

  7. Fisi

    They are burning USA, EU ambassys, looks like they dont like USA and EU, they like russia.

    They should go and live there!

  8. Fisi

    Part 1

    My “dear friend”

    When we were Christians you did not know about that religion, see attached web page:

    Apparently you don’t have clue what you are talking about.
    See also attached web page:

    The last one was born and did live in Skopje/Macedonia, today Macedonian Government together with Orthodox Church are trying to assimilate her (Albanian) footprint, they want to build orthodox church where she used to live, basically destroy all our tradition and heritage, that’s what serbs and orthodox church is known for, they have same system as stalin, Russia, dictators.
    We Albanians are asking Vatican to help us stop Macedonian government and orthodox church to do that, and trust me they will be stopped!

  9. Fisi

    part 2

    The last one was born and did live in Skopje/Macedonia, today Macedonian Government together with Orthodox Church are trying to assimilate her (Albanian) footprint, they want to build orthodox church where she used to live, basically destroy all our tradition and heritage, that’s what serbs and orthodox church is known for, they have same system as stalin, Russia, dictators.
    We Albanians are asking Vatican to help us stop Macedonian government and orthodox church to do that, and trust me they will be stopped!

  10. Fisi

    part 3

    Here is another web page:

    For this one you need translator Albanian-English.
    Here is short translated:
    Peskop artemie from orthodox church in Republic of Kosovo is asking serbs to buy munitions from Russia, and start the war in Kosova.

    Well my “dear friend” is this religion that your faith is based upon?
    Is this what your priest taught you and all serbs?
    Is this the way you understand life, by killing and asking for war?
    Is this the way you compare one innocent child life with one orthodox church?

  11. Fisi

    part 5

    Serbs did not start war in Montenegro (sister of serbia, with language and religion)
    Serbs did not start war in Macedonia (sister of serbia with religion)
    Why?, hahahahaaa, even small child would understand why.

    “My dear” friend stop lying!

    The civilized World knows the truth!
    We Albanians, are not only Muslims, we are Christians and Orthodox as well.
    Let me refresh your mind.
    In world war II it was we Albanians that did save thousands and thousands of innocent Israelis, it was us that did fight against Otomans, see web page:

    Grow up “my friend”, and let the truth out of your chest, even if it hurts!


  12. Fisi

    part 6

    To me it looks like serbs are lead by devil “my friend”

    My “dear friend”,
    do you expect from Albanians to shake hands with them (serbs)?
    Serbs did burn my house, would you expect me to shake hands with them?
    Serbs did kill innocent Mothers, did take children’s from their arms and burn them, and killed them, do you expect us to shake hands with them?

    What serbs did in Balkan, that “my friend” is Holocaust in smaller dimensions.

    As far as serbs as “innocent” or “victims” in these wars.
    (they kill barbaric during the night, and then, they pretend innocent during the day, they kill even their own)

    Serbs are the ones that did start war in Slovenia, we know that they are Christians.
    Serbs did start war in Croatia (they killed thousands and thousands); we know that they are Christians.
    Serbs did start war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (they killed thousands and thousands).
    Serbs did start war in Republic of Kosova (they killed thousand and thousands, and assimilate more than one million).

    to me serbs look like garbige!

  13. Fisi


    with other words serbs as orthodox killed more christians and muslims in ex-yougoslavia then Germens did in world war II.

    Read the history, not one that serbs did make, but the one that civilized world has.

    buy buy

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